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If I did not opt for the course offered by the organization, how to book my transfer to the Elephant Terrace ?
The reservation and the payment of 5 dollars will be made at the Paradise Hotel (bib distribution place) – Angkor Paradise Hotel in Siem Reap (adress: National road N°6  (Airport Road), Phum Sala Kanseng, Sangkat Svay Dangkoum)

For participants of Bayon Trail 64 and UTA 128 km, the transfer is free. Bus departure at 3:00 am from Paradise hotel

– The transfer between the Elephant Terrace / start of the 16km, 32km and 42 km race site is free.

How early before the start do we have to be ready on site ?
Runners/walkers will have to be on the meeting point (Elephant Terrace) at least 30 minutes before the departure for the pre race briefing.
In case you are late, you will have 30 minutes after the official start to take your start but your delay will not be deducted from your arrival time. After 30 minutes, the runner will not be able to be ranked and will be disqualified.

What are the race departure times ?
All the events will be held on a single day with staggered schedules.
The running of the competition is planned:
On Saturday, 18 January at 4.00* am for the Ultra Trail of Angkor, 128 Km (UTA 128)
On Saturday, 18 January at 4.00* am for the Angkor Bayon Trail (64 km)
On Saturday, 18 January at 6.00* am for the Angkor Marathon Trail (42 km)
On Saturday, 18 January at 7.00* am for the Angkor Jungle Trail (32 km)
On Saturday, 18 January at 8.30* am for Angkor Temple Run (16 km)
On Saturday, 18 January at 8.40* am for Angkor Nordic Walking (16 km)
* S.D.P.O. draws your attention to these programmed schedules which can be modified according to certain requirements.

The medical certificate must given when you will take your bib even if you  have send it  by mail to SDPO

Can we engage in this humanitarian action ?
YES, you can already help us collect funds from your friends, family, businesses, cities, employee representative committee… You can also launch some crowfunding operations. The money raised will be donated directly to the NGOs in your presence.

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