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If you have any questions, here are a few answers. We will keep filling this page with any other questions you may have

Can a companion take part in the touristic program ?
Yes, for the same price, a companion will be able to take part in the tours with a runner/walker.

Can we see the runners/walkers on the different tracks ?
Yes, at the different supply points. From there, you will be able to go up or down the track by foot. The race is a trail in the middle of nature which makes it impossible to follow start to finish by car.

Can we follow the runners/walkers with a bike ?
No, the tracks can be impossible to follow (sand, rice fields, small rivers…).

Is there a special program for the companions ?
Yes, SDPO has organized a Grand Humanitarian Walk Mr Nez Rouge in favor of the Cambodian children. A hundred children will accompany them in this solidarity march.

Are there humanitarian actions planned ?
For more than 20 years, SDPO is engaged in humanitarian actions. For the UTA, we have chosen to financially help 3 NGOs. They will provide support for the supply points along the race.

Can we engage in this humanitarian action ?
YES, you can already help us collect funds from your friends, family, businesses, cities, employee representative committee… You can also launch some crowfunding operations. The money raised will be donated directly to the NGOs in your presence.

Walk and Hike
Will the Walk and Hike participants and runners have the same tracks ?
Yes, the Walk and Hike event will take place on the Temple Run d’Angkor 16km course but without the competitive spirit. There will be no timing.

How will the Walk and Hike participants get to the start line ?
The participants will be brought to the start line with the runners of the Jungle Trail and the Nordic Walkers. They will have the same briefing and take the same shuttles.

Runners and Nordic Walking
Will the organization provide accommodation ?
Yes, we have booked rooms in different 3*, 4* and 5* hotels. However, SDPO does not impose anything, this is just an advice for easy planning.

What are the advantages of booking rooms with the organization ?
You will benefit from free shuttles from the hotels to the gathering place in the archeological site and back to the hotels. There is also a transfer organized from the airport to the hotels upon arrival and departure.

Does the organization propose touristic tours surrounding the races ?
YES, there are several tours and extensions possible so you may discover the beauty of Cambodia and two pre-tours via Vietnam. All info on:

How to register ?
You can subscribe online with different payment methods and be covered by your credit card insurance.
Your inscription will be possible via our new platform:

Who can register ?
The events are international and open to any competitor, professional runner or amateur (a medical certificate is required for everybody), with the following categories: hope, senior, master, men and women.
•    A minimum age of 18 is required to participate in the Ultra Trail of Angkor (128 km)
•    A minimum age of 18 is required to     participate in the Angkor Bayon Trail (64 km)
•    A minimum age of 18 is required to     participate in the Angkor Marathon Trail (42 km)
•    A minimum age of 18 is required to     participate in the Angkor Jungle Trail (32 km)
•    A minimum age of 16 is required to     participate in the Angkor Temple Run (16 km)
•    A minimum age of 16 is required to     participate in the Angkor Nordic Walking (16 km)

For the UTA 128, it is recommended that the participant has at least participated in one marathon or one trail of a distance of over 40 km in a calendar year.

Can I register the day of the bib retrieval ?
YES, you can but you may be asked to pay a little extra. Indeed, we need to organize before the race food and water for the supply points, accommodations, transfers, T Shirts. That is why we recommend you register as soon as possible.

Is the medical certificate mandatory for the races ?
YES, it is mandatory and you will have to present it at the bib retrieval.
Participation in the races is subject to the presentation of a valid license proving the possession of a medical certificate that authorizes the participant to the competitive practice according to the corresponding Regulation “able to participate in the competition running” or “no contra indication for the competition running”.
For runners who do not have a license, they must present a medical certificate or a copy issued no later than January 16th 2020 and dated less than one year from the event (preferably by a sport specialized doctor).

In case of non-presentation of the medical certificate and to avoid being disqualified, the competitor agrees to sign a discharge and becomes solely responsible in case of physical problems that he/she may encounter during the race.

Is there mandatory material for the race ?
Yes, you need to check the Regulations and Principles for the Ultra Trail d’Angkor.

Is the entrance fee included in your bib ?
Yes, of course. We, SDPO, are a team of volunteers who’s only goal is to satisfy you. One of our objectives is to offer you a correct price for your race with the best benefits. So YES, the entrance fee is included in the price, but only for the race.  This pass does not allow visits to the temples.

What is the maximum time allowed on the different events ?
– UltraTrail of Angkor – 128 km – 28 h ► 4,57 km/h
– Angkor Bayon Trail – 64 km – 12 h ► 5,33 km/h
– Angkor Marathon Trail – 42 km – 7 h 53  ► 5,33 km/h
– Angkor Jungle Trail – 32 km – 6h ► 5,33 km/h
– Angkor Temple Run – 16 km – 3h ► 5,33 km/h
– Angkor Nordic Walking – 16 km – 4h ► 4km/h

Are the UTA events qualifying for the UTMB ?
YES on certain tests. ITRA has upgraded its race evaluation service. This service introduces a major update of the scale of points (from now on a scale of 1 to 6 points):
That’s 4 points for the UTA 128/3 points for the Bayon Angkor Trail -BT 64 – 1 point for the Marathon Trail. The number of points is also dependent on the points of refueling …

Where will the bibs withdrawal take place? What are the schedules ?
You will be able to retrieve your bib number at the Angkor Paradise Hotel in Siem Reap (adress: National road N°6  (Airport Road), Phum Sala Kanseng, Sangkat Svay Dangkoum):
– thursday 16th, 10AM to 7PM,
– friday 17th, 9AM to 6PM.

If you remove a bib for a friend, we will have to submit an authorization.

I can not be a the bib withdrawal, can a friend take it in my stead ?
Yes, but your friend will have to give an authorization with a copy of your ID/passport and your medical certificate/license.

I can’t run or I am injured, can I give my bib to someone else ?
Bib transfers will ONLY be admitted until December 15th 2019, on the same distance. There will be no transfers after that.
For the bib transfer, you will have to send an email to SDPO:

I can’t come or I am injured, can I be refunded ?
Every participant should subscribe a cancellation insurance at his own expense. If you can’t come once your inscription received by SDPO, you will find the repayment conditions here: article 11 of the regulations.

Do you provide safety pins ?
No, every runner/walker will have to bring their own pins or bib holder.

Can we have assistance during the race?
Yes, but only surrounding the supply points.

Where are the meeting points ?
All the shuttles for the start lines will leave from the elephant terrace.

How early before the start do we have to be ready on site ?
Runners/walkers will have to be on the start lines at least 30 minutes before the departure for the pre race briefing.
In case you are late, you will have 30 minutes after the official start to take your start but your delay will not be deducted from your arrival time. After 30 minutes, the runner will not be able to be ranked and will be disqualified.

Is there transportation to get the runners to each start line ?
Yes, there are shuttles from the elephant terrace to the different start lines. They will take the runners to their respective start lines after the race briefing. There is a 20 to 40 minute transfer depending on the race.

Are vehicles planned to transport participants to the Elephant Terrace (village race where all the race briefings will be held)?

Only participants who have opted for the tourist programs or the race package will benefit from free shuttles. An identification bracelet for the shuttles will be given to them at the bibs delivery.

For participants who have not opted for our accommodation proposals, a participation of 5 dollars will be required to benefit from the shuttles. After payment, an identification bracelet for the shuttles will be given to them at the bibs delivery.

Is it possible to have the GPS track ?
Yes, the tracks will be available on our website.

How will the tracks be marked ?
In addition the GPS track you can dowload, the race will be marked by day and by night.
White and red tape in the nature (sometimes biodegradable), red, white and yellow fluorescent arrows for the night part.

What are the race departure times ?
All the events will be held on a single day with staggered schedules.
The running of the competition is planned:
On Saturday, 18 January at 4.00* am for the Ultra Trail of Angkor, 128 Km (UTA 128)
On Saturday, 18 January at 4.00* am for the Angkor Bayon Trail (64 km)
On Saturday, 18 January at 6.00* am for the Angkor Marathon Trail (42 km)
On Saturday, 18 January at 7.00* am for the Angkor Jungle Trail (32 km)
On Saturday, 18 January at 8.30* am for Angkor Temple Run (16 km)
On Saturday, 18 January at 8.30* am for Angkor Nordic Walking (16 km)

On Saturday, 18 January at 9.00* am for Angkor Humanitarian Walking (5 or 8 km)
* S.D.P.O. draws your attention to these programmed schedules which can be modified according to certain requirements.

Is the start of the events located in the same place as the arrival zone ?
YES for UTA 128 and Bayon Trail 64 km
NO for Marathon Trail 42, Jungle Trail 32, Temple Run 16, Nordic Walking 16, Walking and Hiking 16
For all but the UTA, meeting point is at Elephant Terrace. This prestigious site for Cambodians is located in front of the ruins of the Royal Palace, close to the city of Angkor Thom. From Elephant Terrace and after the briefing by Gregoire, Race Director, you will be brought by bus to your specific start line. For your tracks to be as attractive as possible, we chose as last year to bring you as far as possible, given your race distance.

Where are the finish lines ?
All finish lines are on Elephant Terrace. This prestigious site for Cambodians is located in front of the ruins of the Royal Palace, close to the city of Angkor Thom.

Is there a changing room for the event ?
Yes, your bags will be identified with your name and stowed on the meeting point/finish line.

Will it be possible to take a shower after the race ?
No there will be no showers, you need to take your precautions (wipes…).

Is there a resting zone for the 128 UTA ?
Yes, bunks will be available half way through the race/finish line.

Runners from the 128 UTA be able to change mid race ?
Yes, your bags will be accessible in the changing room if you need to change.

Is there a daycare for children ?
No, we do not plan any daycare, you will have to make arrangements.

What are the endowment and rewards for the participants ?
You will receive a TShirt upon your bib retrival.
After the race on the finish line, a commemorative medal will be given to all participants.
For the 128 UTA, the 64 Bayon Trail and the 42 Marathon Trail, every runner passing the finish line will be awarded a finisher TShirt.
For the rewards, check the Regulations and Principles of the race on:

Do we need a visa to come to Cambodia ?
Yes, a visa is mandatory. You will need a passport with at least 6 months validity after your departure and a picture of yourself. The visa can be purchased upon your arrival at the airport for 30$.
Please make sure your passport is within the date limits.

Is there a cancellation insurance ?
No, we do not offer any cancellation insurance. It relies on the participant to make arrangements with its own personal insurance within the given time.

Accountability walkers/runners
In case there is no race assistance/repatriation insurance, I understand I will have to put forward the funds for the first aid and primary transport. I am therefore the only responsible of the medical aid after the race and I will personally take steps with my insurance.

Do we know how many runners there will be ?
No, as the inscriptions change every day.

Is it possible for someone to give me supplies during the race ?
Yes, it’s possible !

Sizing Guide

Find the Sizing Guide in english.