Jungle Trail / 32 km

Like the Bayon Trail Angkor, this event will take place in Siem Reap – the Angkor archaeological site in the northern province of Cambodia.


The 32 km trail will track through wilderness routes, rice fields and amazingly beautiful natural environments. Nevertheless, without forgetting about the crossings of small villages, alongside the magnificent backdrop of the Angkor Temples.


Participants will experience an extraordinary adventure that will surely be unforgettable. They will also most definitely fall in love with the welcoming and warm-heartedness of Cambodians. 

Do not miss this privilege to tread upon a World Heritage Site by UNESCO

The Temples of Angkor – the soul of the Khmer Kingdom, serve as the national pride and source of inspiration to the Cambodians. Its beauty has always fascinated travelers from around the world.


Jungle Trail Angkor – 32 km  road-book:

For more information & to download, check out the link here: https://tracedetrail.com/trace/trace/200290

Refueling every 8 km

Jungle Trail Angkor – 32km map