Marlieke Janssen

Fantastic race! Absolutely amazing to run through the villages, rice fields and temples. Organization was perfect; the route (32km) was clearly marked and there were plenty of marshals along the course. Cant wait till next year!

Anne Charlotte Saglio

It was an amazing race, through beautiful cambodian lanscapes, temples and ricefields. The best race we have done so far !! So happy to have been part of it. Will come back next year for sure

Hiroki Takeyabu

I ran the 64km Bayon Trail Angkor.
The organizer did a great job. and the course was unique.
I would like to be back and run again!

Stephen Littlewood

Amazing run! We had a great time on the trail. Whoever came up with the idea of beer at the finish line, you are a genius my friend!

Agata Obidowicz

There were some disadventages (no kit check and number check at start, cheeky people skipping the hill or not running temples arround) but otherwise I loved it ????. Route was magical. Places where time stopped. Small villages, rice fields, jungle and amazing temples… and a hill – killer. People on CPs were so friendly and kind. There were cold water and fruit and bars (and some more stuff but I didnt look properly as fruit and water were all good for me). I hope to do it once more in life… But next time the longer route – I did 64km this year.

Guilhelm Vince

Great run, mesmerising sceneries, cozy atmosphere. I felt privileged to run among those temples and rice fields. Big thanks to the organisation. Seems to be managed by many volunteers. Big up for you guys ! Hope to come back next year.

Thomas Buth

Congratulations to the whole team this was an amazing experience and a wonderful and unforgettable memory for my wife and I who raced 16kms together.
Of Cambodian origin my heart was seduced and it is with a radiant and sincere smile that I fall asleep wishing you a good continuation and I hope to next year.
Sincerely, Thomas Buth Bastard 801.

Jereme Cle

Superb race, I ran the 32KM. A varied route, hyper-marked, police from everywhere to cut traffic, refueling very correct. We cross villages, kids who say hello, we see temples, rivers, jungle, in short a real pleasure. See you next year!

Klervi Dalibouddha

An unforgettable experience for my baptism of trail: superb framework, warm welcome and an organization to the top (hat to the whole team) and superb encounters! ORKUN! ច្រើន ច្រើន!

Florence Auterives and Jean-Paul Le Peintre

After participating in the Angkor ultra trail, I would like to thank the SDPO team, all the volunteers of the life base, ravito points, plotters, physiotherapists, etc …, a big thank you to Jean-Claude LE CORNEC For his passion his dedication his support and his encouragement to all the participants, runners and accompanying, his courage and his strength to organize this beautiful competition, long life to your organization.

Hanno Stamm

Whilst the run was not successful for me personally, I would like to give out a big shout to the organizers, the volunteers, and the spectators. It was a beautiful run, extremely well organized and I have never seen so many happy policemen;-) I will be back next year, better trained, with shoes that fit, and hopefully with more supportable temperatures.

Gile Sever

I did the 32k. Spectacular location – obviously- and I really liked the variety of the trail: good mix of flat wide tracks where you could run fast, twisty narrow paths through woodland or villages, mini detours past the temples, and even some Tough Mudder-type stuff, with very little on roads. The 32k at least was extremely well-marked and marshaled, very hard to get lost. A lot of friendly smiling faces from locals, marshals and staff/volunteers. Overall, a great weekend and I will definitely do it again. Which is precisely why I offer the following constructive criticism about some of the organization and communication, in the hope that SDPO will address these points in future editions:

Medical certificate: the joining instructions made a massive deal out of the requirement for this (significant time and expense for most people). The website then indicated at the last minute that you could sign a waiver instead. A waiver is standard practice in many far harder races so why not just do that? And then the whole approach to the mandatory equipment list. A survival blanket in a tropical country in a race that virtually everyone will finish by midday?? And why require runners to carry 1 liter of water (i.e. a hydration pak or vest) if there are water stops every 5k in what is a relatively short race? But if you are going to insist on an ultra-cautious approach to equipment, then at least pretend to enforce it. A number of runners clearly didn’t have the mandatory equipment, which is manifestly unfair to those who go to the trouble and expense of following the rules, but there were no checks going on (that I could see).

As with any point-to-point race, there should be a bag transport option from the start to the finish, instead of making people go to the base camp first, thereby adding an extra journey and making people get out of bed an hour earlier.

Finally, a bit more quality control on the English communication in line with the fact this is an international race, attracting many entrants from countries in the region, who don’t speak French. Nobody expects perfection, but at times the communication was downright confusing. An “elastic band” is a completely different thing from an elasticated bandage!!

None of these things spoiled the experience but they are all a bit irritating and could easily be fixed. Overall, though, a great race and experience. And any event which offers unlimited free beer afterwards definitely deserves 5*.

Doris Brb

Great organisation, nice area, great temples. Next time maybe some more english speaking at the race day? Missed some information…

Ingo Wildauer 

An amazing experience with great people from all over the world, a super organized trail (thanks to the SDPO), a hospitable country and happy very friendly people.