Results history

The Ultra Trail race in Angkor is now over.

Congratulations to everybodySee you in 2021 on January 17th and 18th 

See all the results of the 2019 edition

You can download your certificate for this edition : HERE

Only those riders who have crossed the finish line are included in these rankings.
Results UTA  128: UTA 2019 – ULTRA128_scratch
Results Bayon Trail 64: UTA 2019 – BAYON64_scratch
Results Marathon Trail 42: UTA 2019 – MARATH42_scratch
Results Jungle Trail 32: UTA 2019 – JUNGLE32_scratch
Results Temple Run 16: UTA 2019 – TEMPLE16_scratch
Results Nordic Walking 16 : UTA 2019 – NORDIC16_scratch

The results of the 2018 Ultra Trail Angkor

Ultra Trail Angkor 128km – ITRA 128
Bayon Trail 64km- ITRA 64
Marathon Trail 42km- ITRA 42
Jungle Trail 32km- ITRA 32
Temple Run 16km – ITRA 16
Nordic Walk 16km – ITRA MN

The results of the 2016 Ultra Trail Angkor

Ultra Trail Angkor 128km – ANGKOR_UTA128 individuel
Bayon Trail 64km – Rapport TA64
Jungle Trail 32km – Rapport TA32
Nordic Walk 32km- rapport MNA32