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Participation in the races is subject to the presentation of a valid license proving the possession of a medical certificate that authorises the participant to the competitive practice according to the corresponding Regulation “able to participate in the competition running” or “no contra indication for the competition running”.

For runners who do not have a license, they must present a medical certificate or a copy issued no later than January 18th 2020 and dated less than one year from the event (preferably by a sport specialized doctor). Only the organization’s medical form will be accepted

The medical certificate must be presented to the withdrawal of bibs

SDPO is currently completing the final preparations for this exceptional sporting challenge we are preparing for January 2021. It is a unique sporting adventure in the world: the Ultra Trail of Angkor. This race combines many of SDPO’s trademarks: physical effort, adventure, discovery, security, comfort and solidarity to Angkor. Some elements of context?


All the events will be held on a single day with staggered schedules. The running of the competition is planned:

On Saturday, 16 January at 4.00* am for the Ultra Trail of Angkor, 100 Km (UTA 100)
On Saturday, 16 January at 4.00* am for the Angkor Bayon Trail (64 km)
On Saturday, 16 January at 6.00* am for the Angkor Marathon Trail (42 km)
On Saturday, 16 January at 7.00* am for the Angkor Jungle Trail (32 km)
On Saturday, 16 January at 8.30* am for Angkor Temple Run (16 km)
On Saturday, 16 January at 8.30* am for Angkor Nordic Walking (16 km)
On Saturday, 16 January at 8.30* am for Walk and Hike (16 km) * S.D.P.O. draws your attention to these programmed schedules which can be modified according to certain requirements.


 UltraTrail of Angkor – 100 km ►21 h about 4,76 km/h
 Angkor Bayon Trail – 64 km ► 12 h about 5,33 km/h
 Angkor Marathon Trail – 42 km ► 7h53 about 5,33 km/h
 Angkor Jungle Trail – 32 km ►6h about 5,33 km/h
 Angkor Temple Run – 16 km ► 3h about 5,33 km/h
 Angkor Nordic Walking – 16 km ►4h about 4km/h

Participants will have a limited time to arrive at the finish line. After the time limit, a runner will be declared “out of time” by the decision of the S.D.P.O. staff and he/she will be out the race. His/her bib will be removed. Once the security detail has been lifted, and the participant wishes to finish the race, he/she may do so at his/her own responsibility and will have to comply with the traffic laws. S.D.P.O. will not be held accountable in case of an accident.