Article 1

SDPO, on the occasion of the next edition of the ULTRA TRAIL OF ANGKOR, which will take place on January 27, 2024, is organizing a big video challenge.

► entitled “UTA – CAMBODIA 2024 VIDEO CONTEST”.

Duration of the video

  • 2’ 30 to 4’30 with the end credits.

Article 2

This video contest is reserved for all participants of the UTA (Participants of the Elephant Trail Angkor 8km , participants of the Temple Run 16km – Nordic Walking – Walking & Hiking, – Jungle Trail 32km, Marathon Trail 42km, Bayon Trail 64km and UTA 100km).

Article 3

To take part in this video competition, you must register with SDPO / Email:“CONCOURS VIDEO UTA – CAMBODGE 2024”.

– The participant will have to communicate: name, first name, country, e-mail address and to mention which version he wants to take part in (short or long) or the 2 videos either the short version 1’30 – 2′ and the long version 3’à 4′. 

Article 4

Principles of the Video Competition

  1. The principle is simple, through the video, you have to bring to life the race and the cultural side of the event.
  1. Each video presentation is unrestricted but must incorporate the logo of the event.
  1. The end of each video is unrestricted but must include the list of the partners and the event’s website.
  1. Moral rights: all videos must include the creator’s
  1. All videos will be posted on the YouTube channel of the Ultra Trail of Angkor.
  2. All the photos must use “Royalty-free” music. Royalty-free music refers to musical composition that are free to broadcast.

Article 5

How are the winners selected ?

The selection of the winning videos will be made by several juries:

  • Selection by vote from the participants
  • Selection by vote from the UTA partners (sponsors)
  • Sélection by vote from the SDPO’s STAFF

The period for submitting the videos must be between 15 February and 30 March 2024. After this deadline, no video can be posted online to compete.

Article 6*Awards

1er  Price: An individual registration for a race of your choice from the UTA 2024 program, + the Free & Easy package (in a sharing room) + a trip to Tonle Sap Lake

2sd Price: An individual registration for a race of your choice from the UTA 2024 program, + the Stay and Run package (in a sharing room)

3rd Price: An individual registration for a race of your choice from the UTA 2024 program, + the Stay and Run package (in a sharing room)

4st Price: An individual registration for a race of your choice from the UTA 2024 program

5st Price : An individual registration for a race of your choice from the UTA 2024 program

* Transportation costs to Siem Reap are the responsibility of the Winner.

Article 7

Technical Guidelines

  • Please turn your images into landscape format
  • Please keep all your raw images until the result of the competition has been announced, for possible use of the organization.


  • Please set your camera to Full HD 1080p (progressive), 50 frames per second at best or otherwise, 25 frames per second
  • Please export your movie in 1080p full HD, 25 frames per second, H264 codec

Article 7bis

Image recovery. The manner of recovering the video images will be given later.

Article 8

The winners will be contacted by email within twenty days of the selection made by the relevant juries. SDPO will notify the winners.

After this date, no claim will be accepted and the prize will be definitely considered as lost and will become the property of the organizing company who may dispose of it freely.

The prize offered to the winner(s) may not be exchanged for its cash value (total or partial), nor may it be exchanged or replaced for another prize of any value, for any reason whatsoever.

The prize offered to the winner(s) may be used by a third party. Therefore, the prize offered may be used by another person if the winner does not participate in the 2025 edition.

Article 9

Participation in this game implies full acceptance of the terms and conditions set out in these rules.

These rules are available online at the following address

Article 10

Media Coverage and Image Rights

You agree to offer your images for commercial purposes for the promotion of UTA (your name will be mentioned in the credits) and you agree to hand over your raw images to be reused in an editing dispute.

The participant in the video competition agrees, by his commitment, to the fact that S.D.P.O. has the exclusive right to his individual or collective image and his name for all that concerns the media coverage of S.D.P.O. and the Ultra Trail of Angkor; commercial use included. Therefore, the participant waives any recourse in this respect against S.D.P.O.

S.D.P.O. reserves the right to use images filmed by the participant for its own or television purposes. The creator of the video waives all claims against SDPO or its partners.

S.D.P.O. reserves all exclusive rights of commercial use of the images of the Ultra Trail of Angkor.

Any video or movie material produced during the event may only be used by the participant or accompanying person for private purposes and therefore may not be used for commercial purposes.

For all other professional media (movies or reports) intended for sale or for commercial purposes, a written request must be made to SDPO.

Consequently, any movie or coverage project, whatever its duration, must have the prior consent of S.D.P.O.

Article 11

Data Privacy Policy.

Following the entry into force of the new European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on 25 May 2018, SDPO is taking strict measures in line with the European directives.

SDPO is committed to keeping your data secure and will not disclose any information whatsoever. For SDPO’s legal notice and privacy policy, see: Politique de confidentialité de SDPO

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