Nordic walking – 16 km – without timing

This ANGKOR ULTRA TRAIL is also open to Nordic walking. This exercise is an outdoor sport consisting of accelerated walking with specific walking sticks, usually made of composite material.

It is a discipline that took off in France in 2009 and SDPO is delighted to offer you this Nordic walk (distance of 16km) on the archaeological site of Angkor (within the Ultra Trail).

Unfortunately, due to a lack of sufficient control and following numerous complaints, this event will not be timed.

However, this exceptional event will allow walkers to practice their favorite sport in a site of sumptuous beauty, source of inspiration and national pride for the Cambodian people.

Beyond the temples, this test will allow you to evolve within a luxuriant nature and to cross multiple villages and rice fields. The Cambodian people will also be able to accompany you along the trails!

The starting point will be upstream part of the Angkor temples then it will takes the routes of the archaeological site of Angkor.

With the Ultra-Trail® , you will live an experience and an extraordinary adventure that you will keep in your memory for a long time. The friendliness of the locals will only make you love Cambodia.

Do not miss this privilege to tread upon a World Heritage Site by UNESCO

Soul of the Khmer kingdom , the temples of Angkor are a source of inspiration and a national pride for Cambodians and their beauty has always fascinated travelers all around the world.

1. Why walk with SDPO?

Confirmed walkers or not you want to travel differently by sharing your days between walking and touring. SDPO offers an original concept that will delight all those who want to avoid the discomfort of a solo trip to distant and unknown lands and rigidity of traditional organized tour.

2) What are the characteristics of our organization for walkers?

Our concept is part of an evolutionary approach. Initially reserved for runners, our programs have gradually opened to the category of walkers. In addition, shared this experience with SDPO is often far from unique. You have the opportunity to start your sporting route by signing up in a process of personal growth. Some directly experience the “racing” section, others prefer to cautiously start testing their talents walkers and come back later, better prepared, in the runner category.

3. Is there any particular physical preparation?

The general concept is clear and not surprising: it is a cultural journey and … sports.

There is not a required level. Age diversity of registered competitors (18 to 80) should be enough to reassure concerns about the difficulty of the exercise. But if no performance is required, good physical condition is nevertheless desirable to decline diversified course.

The distance of 16 km and the effort required is limited in time of a day. From there, logically competitor requirements will impose a regular training. The “no -competitor” nevertheless ensure a minimum of preparation that will enable them to better take advantage of this exceptional event. Any collective approach in fact requires a minimum of discipline and rigor to the general organization of the day. Finally, be noted that walkers must not run during the competition.

4. If no performance is required, and if all profiles are admitted, then why speak of competitions, races, podiums, settlement for all? All these concepts are not incompatible they?

The diversity of the previously mentioned profile walkers must simply allow everyone to satisfy his departure aspirations. Those inspired by a marathon pace, supported in their physical form, and wish to test their level logically live this exercise competitively with the hope of recognition and a podium. Maybe one day they will share another adventure with SDPO runners in the category? Others prefer to stick to the discovery of “Mother Nature.”

Whatever the motivation: wins or simply enjoy pugnacity or lightness, each person has to live his adventure, but all are integrated in a race with its rules: regulation, classification and awards.

5. Is there any special equipment?

 As for running, a month before the race, SDPO will address you a comprehensive document showing cultural and sporting career. You will also see an attached detailed list of obligatory content material, and the Camel-back, we remind you that you must wear a cap during the race. 

For Nordic Walking, it is naturally necessary to have a good pair of sticks.

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