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In Ultra-Trail® of Angkor, you have 6 options for race distances ranging from 8km to a maximum length of 100km. However, it is not the length of a stage that makes a race beautiful: it is what surrounds that stage.

You should also be aware that you will be racing in weather conditions that you do not encounter in Europe at this time of year. It will be hot but not too hot and in January it is one of the best months to visit the temples of Angkor and to participate in the Angkor Ultra Trail.

«Discover the World by Running » in beautiful places is the only goal of SDPO, but to be able to enjoy the selected country, you need to be fit all week if you have taken an option « tourist visit »

We run, we visit, we relax...



1/ Why run with SDPO?
A race for runners organized by runners around the world, such was the ambition of Jean Claude Le Cornec, founder of the Foulées de la Soie in 1996, the first race organised in China by SDPO. Since then, our organization has offered you the opportunity to run and travel around the world in countries or regions characterized by their history. You will run through the most diverse landscapes, off the beaten track and will be welcomed (and rewarded) in the middle of the local populations in a daily festive atmosphere.

2/ What is the required level?
Our sports trips are open to all. The high-level athlete, experienced in local, national and international competitions, will rub shoulders with weekend joggers, and all will be eager to discover new things and to combine the pleasure of physical effort and cultural curiosity.

No age or performance conditions are required to share these moments of escape (40% of our registrants each year are women). Juniors or veterans (from 16 to 84 years old), experienced or not, will leave flooded with dreams and emotions.

3/ Do you need to do a lot of physical preparation or special training?
For some, this is an endurance event like no other...

DSC_0052Depending on the option chosen, competitors will line up 8 km, 16 km, 32 km, 64 km or 100 km, requiring endurance and recovery qualities. They will therefore submit to the demands of a rigorous training conducted over several months, without omitting also some dietary rules which allow supporting this preparation combining effort, eagerness, endurance, and preparatory work.

The training is very much focused on the quantity of training (kilometers to be covered), but the quality of the training should not be neglected.

For others, the pleasure of a "different" sports trip in the most unusual countries to avoid both the rigidity of classic organized trips and the discomfort of a solo trip in distant and unknown lands.

The weekend joggers with more modest sporting and competitive ambitions will be competing against themselves and the greatest and will therefore ensure that they have a minimum of preparation in order to keep up with the pace, both for these reasons and for the quality of their stay. Like the top athletes, they will have to suffer the effects of jet lag and the kilometers to be covered.

4/ Is special equipment required?
One month before the event, SDPO sends you a complete document outlining both your cultural and sporting background. It includes a detailed list of the compulsory equipment, including a hydration pack and a cap, which are mandatory.